Sunday, April 8, 2012

Revisions and Complications.

In about a week my fourth publication will be released for sale on at least Kindle, if not other platforms.  I am in need of help, though.  In addition to presenting a wholly knew short story set in the time of the Uplifting this month's installment will be a compilation of the first three Winter's Riddle books, collected in one volume, reorganized and edited.  That is where you come in.

I am not a perfect writer, and for all my time spent hunting through my documents, snuffing the life from typographical and grammatical errors, many slip from my gasp.  For this reason I'm asking for help editing and checking the various Winter's Riddle installments.  Some work has already been done in this regard, but there is always more.  

Any wishing to help need only choose any length of "Winter's Riddle," "Chambers of the Heart," or "The Ice Mummies of Haga Ephos," and give me concrete feedback.  It could be a chapter, or it could be a whole book.  For this I will add your name to the book.  It's not much, but it represent a sincere thanks. 

If you're late with your submission do not worry.  I will be updating the text as I get new feedback.  Please send such to my Gmail account which is listed with my author information.      

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