Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Inky August Horror

Yesterday's promise comes true!  Pale Blank Skin is now for sale on the Kindle Store for only $3.  It is my second full-length novel, the third part of A Gathering Beauty, the ongoing tales of the Fencer and the Trumpeter as they track down rare treasures hidden on icy Winter.  The story, as always, is intended to stand alone and be read isolated or enmeshed with the rest of Winter's Riddle.

Pale Blank Skin tells the story of Lumnos the Wordseller, a man whose memories were stolen during the Uplifting and whose quiet life of isolation is broken one night to the sound of shattering glass.  Searching for a stolen tome known as the Alabaster Palimpsest he is beset by strange dead things welling up from the city's endless catacombs and, worse still, the Fencer and the Trumpeter.  Together they delve into the secret past and dredge up black magic and bright wonder.

August can officially be over now~

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