Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Glimpse of Summer

As some know my goal is to publish an ebook each month this year.  So far all my offerings have been collected tales drawn from this storyblog.  That is about to change.  In a day or so I will have "Shaper of Souls" up for sale on the Kindle store, a completely original story about a wandering mage from Summer who becomes trapped in a dream, not be found anywhere on this blog (boo, hiss!).

In addition I've been making a few changes around here over the past month.  There is a new G+ button which essentially treats Winter's Riddle as an entity which can be added to circles, followed and given a +1 in general.  There are links to my Amazon books and selected links to friendly sites.  If you wish to be added please let me know.  Also there is a shameful donation button.

Anyhow, the project continues on into Summer, both figuratively and literally, and with it I hope to offer up dreams worth your consideration.  Comments and feedback is appreciated as always.

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