Thursday, May 31, 2012

Shaper of Souls

In high Summer many live in tailored fantasies, interred in pleasure palaces and lofty towers.  Elu lives apart, soaking in the radiations of the floating world, exploring the strange small things which spill from that place of wonder.  In his wanderings he discovers a device which takes him to Winter, but it is a mutated version of the icy wastes and he soon becomes caught up in a struggle against powers which wish to mold him like clay.

Shaper of Souls takes place in the same setting as Winter's Riddle but follows the adventures of a Summer inhabitant rather than the Fencer and the Trumpeter.  I've always envisioned the setting as being a place for many characters and narratives and here is a first offering of saturated magic.  It also represents a departure from my usual system of publishing blog posts first, making this only available in an ebook format, for now, which can be purchased here.  As a bonus the book will be available for free all through Saturday and Sunday, June 2nd to 3rd, as part of a KDP Select promotion.  All I ask is that you spread the news, you have my gratitude.  

A big thanks goes to Justin Lewis, creator of Eye-Eighty and Outpost Zeta, a good friend, who designed the cover art.  More pulp fantasy stuff coming soon. 


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